Mortgage loans: stable rates, longer terms

Low rates, the anti-price increase weapon For several months, mortgage rates have not moved . They were already at 1.45% on average last June, they returned to this level in January 2019, after a slight jolt (+1 point). The Housing Credit / Observatory nevertheless specifies that in the new sector, an increase of 3 points

Loans without demonstrable income

Loans without demonstrable income are loans that can be requested and granted without having to prove that you have – precisely – a documentable income. Unfortunately, it is a situation that more and more people live in Italy: you do not have a demonstrable income but you need financing. The crisis has brought many businesses

Real estate loan: what is the use of personal contribution?

Borrowing to buy real estate is a necessity for the vast majority of households. Among the determining criteria in the constitution and validation of a loan file is the personal contribution. The higher it is, the lower the mortgage rates will be. Real estate credit: what about personal contribution? The personal contribution is a sum

Home loan – insurance rules

Undoubtedly, credit insurance is a specific service. Insurance is obligatory for some types of loans, while insurance is not required for others. In many cases, credit insurance is only a security for the lender, i.e. for the bank. In the case of a home loan, insurance can be beneficial for the borrower, of course, in

How to pay less for your mortgage?

There are solutions to reduce the cost of a home loan, it can go through a renegotiation or a buy back mortgage, here is all you need to know. Reduce the cost of your credit The cost of a home loan is determined by its rate and duration, which means that the longer the term,

Loans and credit – difference

Help me by rating and commenting on the series! ! The difference between loans and credit results exclusively from the term and the respective sum. In practice, the terms loan and credit are not really separate. The term “loan” is used in the law, while the term “loan” is used colloquially. Loans, especially bank loans,

Joint Credit after Separation

The good times are over, the divorce is on – a joint loan, too. But who of the partners serves him after the separation? The answer is simple, but the devil is in the details. Joint credit after separation One thing is clear: A joint loan is payable after the divorce as well as before. The