10 Best Shows Like The Man Who Fell To Earth

The man who fell to earth, based on the movie of the same name, uses the trope of the alien coming to Earth to explore many pressing social issues, ranging from climate change to the plight of undocumented people. While it may have become little more than a rehash of familiar narrative tropes, powerful performances, along with a well-written script, help elevate it above many other similar sci-fi series. .

Luckily for those who enjoyed this series, there are a number of other TV series that tackle similar issues or have similar approaches to their material.

Invasion (2021–present)

Streaming on Apple TV+

John Tyson walks away from a truck in a cornfield in Invasion

Apple TV+ quickly showed that it was very good at providing various types of original programming, and Invasion is one of the streamer’s best offerings. As The man who fell to earth, it focuses on an alien invasion. Unfortunately for the people of Earth, these aliens are far more sinister, very willing to simply destroy any humans they come into contact with.


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As terrifying as they are, however, the most disturbing aspect of the series is how much it reveals the ugliness of human nature.

Station Eleven (2021-2022)

Broadcast on HBO Max

A woman looks distressed in the woods at station eleven

station eleven takes its place as one of the best post-apocalyptic stories. Focusing on a pandemic that is decimating the planet, it’s more about the sustainability of the human spirit than anything else, about people’s ability to endure even when the world is collapsing around them.

As The man who fell to earth, station eleven is a series designed to stimulate and disturb the viewer, to make them rethink their assumptions about the world and their place in society.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (2022)

Broadcast on HBO Max

Clare looks puzzled in The Time Traveler's Wife

One of the main narrative concerns of The man who fell to earth is the idea of ​​a man who is out of place and, to some extent, out of time. The series’ main character, as an alien, initially struggles to figure out how to live among humans.

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However The Time Traveler’s Wife isn’t about aliens, it’s still about someone, in this case a time traveler, who has to deal with their own time travel mess. Equally important, it also focuses on his lover and his future wife, who must deal with the difficulties inherent in their romance.

Raised by Wolves (2020-2022)

Broadcast on HBO Max

Raised by wolves is arguably one of the best sci-fi series of recent years, thanks to its unsettling atmosphere and disturbing performances. It’s sort of an inversion of The man who fell to earthin that it centers on a pair of androids who flee to a distant planet in order to raise a new group of humans away from the conflicts that have destroyed most life on Earth.

As the series progresses, it explores more thematically dense material, including the nature of religion and whether humanity’s desire for self-destruction can ever be escaped. Sadly, the show was canceled after its second season, though fans are hoping it will be picked up on another network.

Foundation (2021-present)

Streaming on Apple TV+

Open foundation vault

One of the narrative concerns of The man who fell to earth is the main character’s attempt to save his planet. It is also the main story of Foundation, the epic sci-fi series based on the Isaac Asimov series of the same name. It centers on a group of scientists tasked with preserving the knowledge of civilization in the face of an inevitable societal collapse.

The series deftly balances the personal dramas of its various characters with the larger conflict that is about to engulf most of humanity. It has earned its place among the best series on Apple TV+.

Terre-Nova (2011)

Streaming on Apple TV+

The cast of Terra Nova

The power of science fiction series like The man who fell to earth is that it allows viewers to inhabit new and strange worlds. This is also the case for a series like Terra Novain which a group of humans travel back in time to the prehistoric world in order to escape their own polluted presence.

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The series uses the fish-out-of-water narrative conceit to deliver an exciting adventure, and it’s particularly notable for its striking CGI realization of its dinosaurs.

La Brea (2021–present)

Streaming on Peacock

The man who fell to the groundh isn’t the only contemporary series about a person thrust into a strange and unsettling new world. It is the premise of La Breain which hundreds of people find themselves in a primordial world following a time portal located at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

Obviously, a major part of the show’s enjoyment comes from its portrayal of this ancient world, but it’s also a family melodrama, allowing the viewer to care about these characters.

His Dark Materials (2019–present)

Broadcast on HBO Max

Its Dark Materials S2E02 The Cave

Like Faraday, the stranger from The man who fell to earth, Its dark materials explores what it means to come to a new kingdom with the goal of saving one’s own. The series has quickly become one of the best fantasy series on TV, in part because it captures the spirit of Philip Pullman’s original series so well.

Moreover, its two main characters, the maiden Lyra and the boy Will, draw the viewer in as they struggle against both the inevitability of prophecy and the malevolent intentions of the theocratic organization known as the Magisterium. .

Shiny Girls (2022)

Streaming on Apple TV+

Shiny Girls Elizabeth Moss

In a certain way, The man who fell to earth is a series about the world that is somewhat out of whack. A similar philosophy permeates the Apple TV series. shiny girlswhich centers on a young woman’s attempts to stop a time-traveling serial killer.

Elizabeth Moss delivers one of her best performances as Kirby Mazrachi, one of those who survived her attempt on life, and Jamie Bell spins a dizzying turn as a serial killer, a man named Harper Curtis. .

Resident Alien (2021–present)

Streaming on Peacock

Alan Tudyk in front of a truck in Resident Alien

The concept behind The man who fell to earth – of an alien landing on Earth – is one that has emerged time and time again in popular culture. In some cases it’s dramatic, but in others, like Foreign residentit is played for comedy.

The series centers on an alien who comes to Earth intent on annihilating humanity but sees his original intentions derailed once he gets to know his victims better. The series skillfully uses sci-fi and comedy tropes to create a unique set of fun.

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