10 Dead Giveaways About Vecna’s Identity In Stranger Things

Vecna ​​was introduced as the new big villain of stranger things 4. Terrorizing the people of Hawkins across the Upside Down, Vecna ​​proved to be the heroes’ toughest adversary yet. Throughout the season, everyone has wondered about Vecna’s true identity.

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Vecna ​​could have been another monster Eleven and her friends had to deal with to save Hawkins, but it turned out to be even more sinister. Vecna ​​was 001 and by extension, Henry Creel. He was the “friendly nurse” Eleven had met in the Hawkins lab as a child. Throughout the season, it’s clear that there were several clues to Vecna’s true identity.

ten Jamie Campbell Bower is credited in every episode

Jamie Campbell Bower plays 001/Vecna. Interestingly enough, if viewers watched the entire credits, Bower is credited in every episode as “friendly and tidy.” However, he doesn’t appear on screen until “Chapter Six: The Dive.”, so fans wonder why he was credited in every episode.

It’s a dead giveaway that Bower has appeared in every episode of the season. Obviously Bower was playing Vecna ​​and the “friendly nurse” who was later revealed as 001. Given the cliffhanger ending of Season 4, fans can expect Vecna ​​to return. in season 5 with a vengeance.

9 Henry Creel is the sole survivor of the Creel Massacre

The great Robert Englund appeared in “Chapter Four: Dear Billy” as Victor Creel. Apparently, Victor killed his entire family in the 1950s. Nancy learns that it was actually Victor’s son, Henry, who killed his mother and sister.

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Looking at the situation, Henry was the sole survivor of Vecna’s attack. It’s because Henry Creel is also Vecna. Henry’s supposed death is left very vague by Victor, showing that there was more to the story than Victor didn’t know. His son was actually taken away by Dr. Brenner, who turned him into 001 and began experimenting on him.

8 The Lab Victims in Eleven’s Flashback Look Like the Vecna ​​Murders

Throughout the season, there are flashbacks to Eleven’s training in the Hawkins lab. There was a massacre that killed everyone in the lab. Dr. Brenner finds Eleven covered in blood and many dead bodies in her wake. While Eleven seems guilty, it was actually 001 who was responsible for the massacre.

Another visualization of the scene would show that many corpses appear to resemble Vecna’s victims in the present. The twisted bodies, lack of eyes, and open mouth make it clear that 001 was responsible for the attack.

seven Vecna’s lair is also Creel’s house

The people of Hawkins know not to enter Creel’s dilapidated house. The house is believed to be haunted as it was the site of brutal murders that rocked the city in the 1950s. Although this is simply dismissed by most as a story to scare children away, the house is more haunted than the people of Hawkins think.

Henry Creel never really left the house because it’s also his upside-down lair. When the group enters the house, they see the grandfather clock that all of Vecna’s victims imagined, showing that Vecna ​​used his own memories to psychologically terrorize his victims before killing them.

6 Vecna ​​had a connection to Max through Billy

With the reveal that Vecna ​​harnessed the power of the Upside Down, it is indirectly revealed that he had been the big bad of the entire series. 001 fell on the Mind Flayer; the big bad of season 2 and the hive mind of the Upside Down. He used his power to bridge the gap between the Upside Down and the real world.

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Viewers remember that in Season 3, Billy Hargrove was controlled by the Mind Flayer to do his bidding. Billy basically became a soldier for Vecna. When Billy died in the season three finale, Max was devastated. Vecna ​​had first-hand knowledge of her emotional vulnerability after Billy’s death, making her a prime candidate to be one of his victims in Season 4.

5 001’s eleven formation foreshadows their fight

During Vecna’s time, as a “friendly medic”, he was seen giving Eleven advice on how to deal with her powers. He also gave Eleven advice on how to deal with 002, who bullied him. This proves effective for Eleven, but 002 has been mercilessly punished by Dr. Brenner.

001 tells Eleven to think of a memory that made her angry to defeat her enemies. When 001 and Eleven have their confrontation, it looks like she will be a victim. However, she reverses her lesson and thinks of a love memory to escape her grasp. Eleven also uses this method to defeat Vecna ​​after it appears he killed Max in the Upside Down.

4 Manipulation of eleven by 001 in “Papa Lies”

As “the friendly nurse” featured more and more, it was clear that he was a more important character than stranger things let go. He continually points out that they are all being watched by cameras and that Eleven needs to be very careful of her behavior. He even tells Eleven that Dr. Brenner isn’t who she thinks he is, stating bluntly: “Daddy is lying.”

Although 001 was right in his assessment of Dr. Brenner, his manipulation of Eleven was just beginning. Looking back, it’s easy to see that a random medic working in the lab wouldn’t reap those kinds of feelings towards Dr. Brenner unless he was no longer involved in the lab’s nefarious schemes.

3 001 raises eleven the same way Vecna ​​does to its victims

When Eleven confronts 001, he reveals his true plan to assassinate those who wronged him. He wishes to end humanity and have people like him and Eleven rule the world. When Eleven disagrees with her mission, he turns on her and tries to kill her.

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When 001 raises Eleven, it’s remarkably similar to how Vecna ​​raises his victims before contorting their bodies and killing them. Eleven is able to free herself, inadvertently sending 001 into the Upside Down to begin her transformation into Vecna.

2 Vecna ​​was born human in his past in D&D

A big clue to Vecna’s true identity lurks in plain sight in “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.” The big bad at the end of a long D&D campaign, they end up naming Henry after the villain ‘Vecna’. For those who are D&D fans, Vecna’s background mirrors Henry’s.

For starters, D&D’s Vecna ​​was born human, just like Henry. He was a powerful wizard before turning into an undead monster. Vecna ​​has a relentless quest for more power, something Stranger Things’ Vecna ​​also likes. He was elevated to god status in the game, which mirrors Henry harnessing the power of the Upside Down.

1 Vecna ​​has been the big bad of the whole series

As Vecna ​​shows Nancy his past, he crossed over to the Upside Down after Eleven inadvertently sent him there. He came across a black cloud of particles which he tapped into the Mind Flayer. The Mind Flayer takes the form of the spiders Henry drew as a child.

These details prove that Vecna ​​was behind all the events of stranger things. While controlling the Mind Flayer, he also has a connection to Will Byers. Viewers will recall that Will also drew the Mind Flayer, just like Henry did. At the very end of the season, Will even stated that he could hear Vecna’s thoughts and had goosebumps on his neck, which is similar to when he knew the Mind Flayer was coming to the house. season 2. Fans can expect Will Byers to be a central character. in stranger things‘ last season.

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