12 reasons Tom Brady is a perfect fit as Fox Sports’ future top NFL analyst

Tom Brady has yet to decide when to leave the NFL for good, returning to play a third season as a Buccaneers quarterback in 2022. But he’s already decided what he’ll do right after his retirement.

Brady will trade his status as GOAT QB to become Fox Sports’ senior analyst on game broadcasts, whether starting in the 2023 season at age 46 or beyond.

Shortly after the official network announcement, Brady was eager to share his own excitement for the future couple.

Love or hate Tom Brady the player, fans should also be thrilled to continue hearing Brady’s voice in the broadcast booth. After losing the longtime duo of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to ESPN, Fox Sports needed to respond with a big shot and a big name. Without a guy like Peyton Manning in play, it doesn’t get much bigger than replacing Aikman with Brady soon.

Here are 12 reasons Brady was worth the alleged big investment:

1. Voice

Brady is a speaker with the right kind of old-school gruff and new-school excitement. He can be on par and also be excited to watch a big play in the game he loves. In that sense, he’s also Fox Sports’ answer to CBS having Tony Romo.

2. Knowledge

Romo’s understanding of the game and his dedication to studying the teams he calls alongside Jim Nantz in any given week quickly made him one of the most astute analysts in all of sport. Drew Brees showed flashes of the same with NBC in his ability to recognize plays and call them before they happen. Don’t expect Brady to mail it. He has all kinds of insight on both sides of the ball that is unparalleled considering anything he’s seen in the NFL’s 23 seasons.

3. The name

The NFL’s most-watched shows, whether in the first Sunday late afternoon window or during prime time, are the biggest source of attraction for casual NFL fans. Everyone in America and beyond knows the basics of football, knows who Brady is, and will listen to what the GOAT has to say.

4. The look

Brady has a face for television. If he hadn’t been selected for a color commentary gig with lots of screen time, he would have found his way on camera, from speeding up his publicity pitches to making more cameos in the movies. movies and other TV shows.

5. Styling

In the world that includes a wide range of outfits made for sports television, from fancy designer suits to zipper quarters, Brady is bound to bring sartorial splendor to the booth every week and raise his profile as a fashion icon.

6. NFC

With Nantz and Romo locked in CBS’ winning duo, Fox had the biggest and most important opening for Brady. But it also comes with the bonus of doing mostly NFC games after his time with the Buccaneers. It also helps Brady avoid having to commentate on Patriots games, for the most part. He won’t have to criticize Bill Belichick – much like Peyton didn’t want to play Eli’s games.

7. The partner

Kevin Burkhardt will be Fox’s new point guard to replace Buck, working first with former NFL tight end Greg Olsen. Olsen is a rising broadcast star, but Brady should also be a natural in the booth. Burkhardt is also one of the best in the business. He knows how to complement and get the most out of his partner, dating back to talents such as John Lynch and Charles Davis.

8. Assessments

It might seem like a no-brainer for the NFL’s best matchups, but Fox Sports didn’t want to play anyone less than the game’s best veteran TV draw, turning his popularity into football even more unmissable than the network makes it. had with Buck and Aikman.

9. Schedule

Yes, that means Brady will be able to offer his analysis on some of the league’s biggest games. But it also means he can stay well connected to the game mentally during the regular season as he transitions from needing to train physically throughout the year. There will still be plenty of off-season time for golf, whether for recreation or other editions of “The Match”.

10. Humor

It should also open up opportunities for Brady to show off the fun side of his personality. He’ll get his chances against Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and the rest of the “NFL Sunday” regulars on Fox’s pre-game shows. He will also have his chance to channel the Mannings, from Peyton to Eli to Cooper. Don’t be surprised to see something like “The Brady Hour” or other alternative programming soon.

11. Eloquence

Brady is known for giving thoughtful interviews. He’s done a great job at weekly radio hits over the years, and his strong relationship with veteran broadcaster Jim Gray opened the door to the terrific “Let’s Go” podcast. While Brady has become the center of the NFL, his media work is already elegant and respectful. This will ease the transition to continue talking about football for a much wider audience.

12. The GOAT

When Fox Sports had the opportunity to get the best QB to ever play for their airwaves, it would have been ridiculous not to make it work for Brady with a nice big deal. In a year of big changes in NFL broadcasting, anything short of aiming for the greatest of all time would have been questionable forward thinking.

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