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    The Rampage map (Credit: AEW)

    Welcome to Bleacher Report’s coverage and recap of AEW Rampage on September 16th.

    Most of Friday’s show matches were set up during Wednesday’s Dynamite, mostly via behind-the-scenes segments.

    Ethan Page of The Firm wants people to take this matter seriously, and he has chosen Danhausen as his first target in this new quest.

    We also saw Matt Hardy fight Darby Allin, Willow Nightingale take on Penelope Ford, and Samoa Joe put the ROH TV title on the line against former ROH Pure Champion Josh Woods.

    Let’s take a look at what happened on Friday’s show.

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    Matt Hardy and Darby Allin (Credit: AEW)

    Both Hardy and Allin were in the ring at the start of the episode. They shook hands in respect before locking themselves in this fight for the first time. They started slow with a few single holds, counters and takedowns.

    Allin had the upper hand after sending Hardy down the steel steps, but his desire to take risks bit him in the butt when he nearly hit Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb on the apron and crashed to the floor .

    The 47-year-old veteran is still capable of putting on a good game, but many years in the business and a few injuries have forced him to adjust his style a bit. It’s part of what makes him so impressive that he can still do the things he can do at this point in his career.

    He and Allin worked well together, but it was Allin who ended up raising his hand after using Last Supper to get the pin. After he left, Hardy was attacked by Brody King, who then called out Allin and Sting.

    They came out on stage and accepted a challenge for a Grand Slam tag match. King still choked Hardy. The match had some limitations but overall it was a decent way to start the show.

    Winner: Darby Allin

    To note: C+

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • The way Hardy hit the steel steps when Allin pushed him looked nasty.
  • Hardy being able to hit a moonsault at his age after all his body has been through is an impressive feat.
  • The House of Black can still function without Malakai Black. Positioning Julia as the brains of the operation is a smart move.

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    Penelope Ford and Willow Nightingale (Credit: AEW)

    After a promo from Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta and Chris Jericho, Willow and Ford entered the ring for the second match of the evening.

    While Willow’s power advantage gave her an early advantage, Ford was able to turn things around and stay in control for most of the commercial break.

    Ford used his speed and agility to combat Nightingale’s strength, but something like a leap from someone like Willow is going to leave a lasting impression.

    The Superbad Girl managed to claim the victory via submission. This fight had a decent time, but a lot of it happened on the break. Picture-in-picture helps, but it’s not as good as seeing the match in full screen. It was a fun outing, but if Tony Khan pays attention to the crowds, he should give Nightingale a boost soon.

    Winner: Penelope Ford

    To note: C+

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • The double knee Ford hit on the apron looked great. Willow sold is doing well too.
  • Ford doing the bridge to avoid a clothesline before hitting a cutter was a good spot.
  • Ford’s paver is cool, but sometimes it takes a little too long to apply.

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    Ethan Page and Danhausen (Credit: AEW)

    Danhausen laughed at Page’s smile before the match really started. All Ego took down the painted wrestler and immediately beat him to the mat.

    Danhausen gave him a defiant slap, but that only pissed off his much bigger opponent. Page hit his finisher for a quick victory. It was a squash, but from the way AEW uses the two guys, it kind of worked.

    Winner: Ethan Page

    To note: VS

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • Danhausen’s character shouldn’t work as well on TV as he does. It’s great to see how it’s taken what should be a niche indie gimmick and turned it into something people really love.
  • Jericho rooting for Danhausen because he was afraid of being cursed was hilarious.

4 out of 4

    Samoa Joe and Josh Woods (Credit: AEW)

    After the usual pre-match interview with Mark Henry, Joe and Woods headed to the ring for the main event. The ROH TV title was on the line.

    They locked in and it was an aggressive fight from the moment they laid hands on each other. Woods was out to prove a point, but Joe was out to retain his title. Both men seemed excited and motivated to make this a competitive fight.

    Both of these guys are good at a lot of different things, so there was no doubt that this would end up stealing the show. They lived up to that expectation with a game that would have been the best of the week with five more minutes.

    The Samoan Submission Machine ended up winning by pinfall when he hit the Muscle Buster to pick up the win and retain his belt. Tony Nese attacked him after the fight was over. Woods quickly joined them, but Wardlow came out to halt their attack. Joe was able to keep Mark Sterling in the ring, but Nese saved him before The Wardaddy could bombard him.

    Winner: Joe of Samoa

    To note: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • Next week’s Rampage will be a special two-hour edition. If that works out well, it wouldn’t be surprising if Khan did the show two hours a week at some point.
  • Woods has kind of a unique look. The shorts, lack of knee pads, and the shows set him just enough apart from most other wrestlers. However, the lack of knee pads might be something he will regret for years to come.
  • The knee to the head Woods landed to nearly win the game was a great move and certainly a tough one for anyone with an opponent Joe’s size.

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