Another tiger gets lost in village in West Bengal Sundarbans, captured after hours

In December, 2 tigers had strayed to neighboring localities in different parts of Kultali (performance)


After escaping hordes of forestry staff for hours, an adult Royal Bengal tiger was captured on Saturday evening in a village in the Kumirmari region of the Sundarbans.

Forestry Minister Jyotipriyo Mallick told PTI the male tiger could be tamed around 11:15 p.m. after two tranquilizer darts hit the animal.

“The tiger entered the area in the morning and played hide and seek with dozens of forest staff. We put up fence nets and set up large cages with goats as bait, but these didn’t. have not worked, ”he said.

The animal was later located and reassured, the minister said.

Mr Mallick said the tiger will be examined by vets and released into the jungle if all goes well in two days.

The animal would be taken to Alipore Zoo if it turned out that its hunting power had diminished, he said.

It’s mating season and the big cats swim through streams and rivers in search of a mate, he said.

In December, two tigers had strayed to neighboring communities in different parts of Kultali. While one of them was captured after 10 hours the same day, the other tiger could be captured after six days.

None of these tigers harmed humans or other animals in the villages where they had strayed, the minister said.

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