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CTALK – Cito Beltran – Star from the Philippines

December 8, 2021 | 00h00

We have all heard of anti-vaccines and their arguments against vaccines and their right to refuse vaccinations. For the most part, it has become government public policy to be tolerant of their decision not to be part of general practice to protect the population. But since quarantine restrictions were relaxed, anti-vaccines have caused a lot of headaches for business owners, malls and employees, given their insistence or challenge to comply with the guidelines imposed by the government. ‘IATF. A particular point of irritation is when employees ask for proof of vaccination or a vaxx card.

Like roosters rearing their teeth for a fight, anti-vaxxers go from nice to defiant and begin to pretend they have the right not to be vaccinated and declare that the vaxx card requirement is discriminatory. All of this might sound fine to those folks who think they are special, but what about the humble employee or business owner who just complies with IATF orders? If the business establishment breaks rules such as requiring vaxx cards before entry, wearing face masks, etc., not only are they closed, but they get a large sum of money at one point. where they barely earn enough to cover wages, charges and rent!

Many of us are surely shaking our heads in disbelief that some people can actually fall into the trap of silly conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and his circle of friends wanting to depopulate countries in order to better allocate and use natural resources. . Every true capitalist wants more people because that means more customers.

On the other hand, I recently learned how anti-vaccines affect even churches of different denominations as well as their relationships with other members, church workers and elders or priests. I have been told that anti-vaxxers who refuse to submit or obey the government’s mandate on vaccinations demand that their right to worship be recognized and that they be allowed to enter churches without being forced to. have and show a vaxx card.

Some groups even have employees who continue to refuse to be vaccinated, insist on showing up for work, and protest loudly that they are discriminated against when told to get the vaccine or not to show up for work without. an RT-PCR test.

Several churches have taken the matter to their respective town halls as well as several mayors or vice-mayors for advice or guidance in black and white. But just like Pontius Pilate, many mayors washed their hands of these decisions by designating the faceless and nameless IATF as the ultimate authority on the vaxx card requirement. I find this action by mayors and LGU officials to be the height of hypocrisy.

Some mayors do not want to upset their constituents and voters in an election year, so they refuse to take a stand on the non-entry of unvaccinated people into confined spaces or commercial establishments, but they have no problem shamelessly using the quarantine IATF classifications and resolutions as well as their power as LGU officials to shut down traditional cockpits so that they can receive up to P 10 million per month from E-Sabong or online sabong operators !!!

Complicating matters is that some anti-vaccines are fully convinced that the IATF has no legal basis or law, while the Department of Labor and Employment has repeatedly passed the buck to the authorities. employers while warning them that it is illegal to end anti-vaccines until such a law or mandate is passed for the MANDATORY immunization of all Filipinos. Ultimately, the problem falls on the knees of church leaders, parish priests and pastors.

This is such a tragedy, given that when it comes to churches and their believers or parishioners, the general presumption is that “we” voluntarily submit to both authority and leadership in general, but especially when it is for our good and our good. -being. While we have individual rights, there is also the issue of responsibility and accountability. The anti-vaccine that goes to church wants to worship but in disobedience if not in defiance of the directives of the government, which is the higher authority.

Church leaders, priests and pastors respect and encourage everyone to attend church and worship, but as the head of their church, these leaders have the duty and the law to obey the law. legal authority of local and national officials. If these churches and leaders were to ignore the directives or legal orders of local and state officials, not only do they violate the laws of men, but they also disobey the law of God, which is to respect and obey our leaders in civil government.

At this point, anti-vaccines are not only committing an act of civil and spiritual disobedience, but they are a stumbling block for their own church leaders or priests who might “sin” by trying to bend the rules. an exemption or violating the public. hygiene and safety protocols. While LGU officials might be expected to avoid or do “Iwas Pusoy” on such a sensitive issue, the same cannot apply to church leaders and priests who are responsible to the government. the civil government as well as before GOD!

Besides being stumbling blocks or sowers of discord and division, I would ask our anti-vaxx brothers and sisters in the faith, would you be willing to hold yourself directly responsible if, in forcing your way to the worship, is your church closed by the local government? If you have actually contracted COVID-19, are you sure you can manage it on your own without asking for prayers, assistance, or financial aid from church members you have tormented with a burden of concern for? your health and well-being because you refuse to be vaccinated? What if you bring the virus to church and kill someone or cause so much physical injury and cost, will you stand up and pay the price? Your rights have serious consequences for others – not just yourself!

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