Banff Sunshine Village Legendary End of Season Slush Cup

BANFF, Alberta, May 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After three long years, Banff Sunshine’s legendary season-ending Slush Cup returns on May 23, 2022. This year’s event will be the first Slush Cup the resort has hosted since winning Travel Alberta’s Alto “Event of the Year” award for the Slush Cup after hosting its 91st annual Slush Cup in 2019.

“What started out as a challenge has had many reincarnations as it has evolved from an end-of-season camping staff party to the famous end-of-season ski season finale party it has become,” says Kendra Scurfield, Director of Brand and Communications. .

The Banff Sunshine’s Slush Cup is an end-of-ski season celebration that marks the final touch of winter for the world-class ski and snowboard resort of Banff. The famous late-winter event attracts skiers, snowboarders and revelers from across Canada and beyond.

“The origin of the Banff Sunshine’s Slush Cup dates back to the early days of the resort – when two avid spring skiers stumbled upon a cool pond of meltwater while skiing in what is now Banff Sunshine Village. Legend has it that Cyril Paris (one of the two skiers) kindly challenged his friend to cross the new meltwater lake on skis and in return his friend Peter Whyte asked him to hold his drink before getting into a good position,” continues Scurfield.

New for 2022, the Banff Resort is investing in ramping up production of its latest winter twist. For the Slush Cup 2022, guests will have more opportunities to join in the festivities. Scurfield said: “This year we are delighted to be hosting a half time race in our slush cup pool sponsored by Century Downs Racetrack and Casino.”

The Banff Sunshine’s Slush Cup event is the last day of the ski and snowboard season at the Banff Sunshine Village, home of Canada’s best spring skiers and snowboarders. The Slush Cup, which takes place on Monday, May 23, is the headline title of the resort’s three-day Slush Cup Long Weekend season-ending festival. The Slush Cup weekend kicks off on Saturday May 20 with the Slushine Rail Jam, is followed on Sunday May 21 with the Water Gate Banked Slalom All Age Slalom and ends with the 92nd Slush Cup on Monday May 23. The event will take place from noon to 4 p.m. Any Banff Sunshine lift ticket includes admission to the Slush Cup and all Slush Cup long weekend events.

About Banff Sunshine Village: Banff Sunshine Village is the premier ski and snowboard destination in the Canadian Rockies. The resort is known for its all-natural snow, stunning alpine vistas, and long season stretching from early November to late May. This year, Rocky Mountain Resort will be open until May 23, 2022.

For more information, contact Kendra Scurfield. For more information on the return of the Banff Sunshine Slush Cup, contact Kendra Scurfield at [email protected], or call 403-830-7946.

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Image 1: Mr Slush Cup

Mr Slush Cup takes flight at the 2019 Banff Sunshine Slush Cup event.

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