Berlin-based RENT24 announces joint venture with Village Groupe to enter India


Launch of coworking spaces in mixed-use properties across India

BERLIN, GERMANY, November 1, 2021 / – With coworking spaces in Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, London and Tel Aviv LOCATION24 is one of the largest coworking providers in Europe, the United States and Asia. This joint venture with Village Groupe opens the Indian chapter of RENT24 where hybrid work is becoming a new standard and coworking is gaining popularity even in level 2.3 cities.

RENT24 is a global network for innovators, enablers and businesses of all sizes, empowering members around the world through beautiful workspaces, networking events, knowledge opportunities, business solutions and business programs. ‘acceleration.

According to Deepak Kumar Sharma, President and CEO of Village Groupe: “In the post-pandemic world, coworking centers offer a flexible working environment to incubate new businesses and also support high growth ambitions. Unlike other coworking service providers, we will focus on mixed-use developments to deliver a full ecosystem bringing together the best of dining and entertainment options in one building ”.

Village Groupe is a new age real estate start-up with a portfolio of multiple assets under development alongside major Indian cities, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. The group is backed by reputable partners and has successfully created vertically integrated platforms offering branded retail centers, movie shows, food courts and family entertainment centers.

According to Robert Bukvic, Founder and CEO of RENT24: “As the new normal takes shape, innovative initiatives are more than ever needed to meet the challenges we face. Our company’s innovation ecosystem is a network of individuals, entities, resources and structures that join forces to catalyze new products, ideas, methods, systems and even lifestyles. Coworking spaces have proven themselves internationally as incubators for new forms of working and we look forward to playing an even bigger role in the Indian startup ecosystem ”.

About Village Groupe:
Village Groupe is a retail real estate conglomerate that has successfully incubated several vertically integrated world-class concepts for the Indian market using an innovative approach to asset relief by focusing on developments near airports, cities of level 2/3 and the main highways. Its unique partnership approach has created some of the fastest growing companies like; Village Outlets – co-development of outlet centers in major Indian cities; CinePort – a cinema exhibition platform with an offering of mid-size branded family entertainment centers, e-sports venues and virtual reality arenas; and Village Food Courts – a leading food court offering several branded dining options in local malls and also on major highways.

Village Group aspires to be a leader in thematic commercial real estate developments across India delivering the best of the world on a platter to consumers and real estate investors.

Deepak kumar sharma
President and CEO
Group Village
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About RENT24:
RENT24 is a provider of coworking spaces based in Germany, founded by Robert Bukvic in 2015. The company has its spaces in more than 40 locations on three continents, serving more than 35,000 members worldwide and offers more than 500 third-party cooperations .

The RENT24 ecosystem offers a global presence in prime locations like New York, London, Amsterdam and Berlin, popular with millennials as well as older generations who are accustomed to traditional workspace concepts.

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r24 Holding GmbH
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