Bring light into your lives


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. –

THE Prime Minister urges people to use Divali to try to shed light on the challenges they face.

In his greetings to the Hindu community on behalf of the government, the people of TT, his family and himself, Dr Rowley said: “The Festival of Lights, the essence of light over darkness, is significant not only for the Hindu community but for us. all – all citizens of TT.

“Let us all observe the lighting of the deyas, in fact, the whole festival of Divali, as a rekindling of that light which resides within every human being, giving true meaning to the nature and essence of our world and the divine.”

Rowley said that Hinduism, as one of the oldest religions in the world, affirms that our basic nature is not limited to our body or our mind, but extends to our spirit, or soul. spark of God, residing in everyone’s soul.

“He tells us that all humans and all things, in their deepest form, are pure and of divine spirit. Each of us is God’s creation and within all of us there is that divine essence with capacity of truth, peace, wisdom, happiness and the ability to unite with God.”

He said TT was ethnically and religiously diverse.

“We have always lived by celebrating our diversity in song, dance, food, art, sport and recreation, ever since we arrived here.

“I call on the nation to use examples like our Divali celebrations to strengthen and build new bridges across the diversity we have celebrated for generations.”

Rowley said countries were now singled out on topics such as the covid19 pandemic, war in Ukraine, supply chain crisis, inflation, crime, climate change, floods, rainstorms and hurricanes, food and fuel prices.

Saying that BBC News recently reported on protests in 90 countries, he said some countries were facing economic and political collapse.

TT, he said, has its own struggles but sought to assure the public that the government continues to work to ensure a fair share of the national pie.

“We must be aware that we in TT have the opportunity to be different, as we aspire to a new vocation of charity, unity and brotherhood.

“Dear fellow citizens, Divali aims to illuminate the darkness of today’s difficult conditions.

“My call to every citizen of this nation today is, please, even in these most difficult times, to strive to bring light into your lives, so we will all see the true meaning and essence of our world and the divinity of God as illuminated by the humble deyas, Shubh Divali.

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