Bristol Community Development Authority and Bristol Village Board Special Joint Meeting July 19, 2022 – West I

The Bristol Community Development Authority is due to meet jointly with the Bristol Village Board on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Bristol Village Hall meeting room regarding a possible multimillion-dollar land sale by the village.

The agenda includes:

  • Review by Village Solicitor of Option Agreement with Kenosha Landco LLC with Village Council and ADC.
  • Perhaps go into closed session Pursuant to Sec. 19.85(1)(e) Deliberate or negotiate the purchase of public property, the investment of public funds, or the conduct of other specified public business, whenever competitive or negotiating reasons require a closed session. The CDA will meet behind closed doors with the Village Council to discuss the option agreement with Kenosha Landco LLC to purchase land owned by the CDA Village located on the east and west sides of 122n/a Avenue between highways 50 and K.
  • Back to the public session In accordance with art. 19.85(2) No government agency may begin a meeting, then reconvene it in camera and then reconvene it in open session within 12 hours of the end of the closed session, unless public notice of such subsequent public meeting has been given at the same time and in the same manner as the public notice of the meeting convened before the closed session.
  • Take all necessary measures.

The full agenda is available here.

This meeting is linked to the ongoing land sale discussed in a recent statement issued by the village. The village plans to sell 300 acres of land north of Highway 50 and south of Highway K. Kenosha Landco LLC has offered $15,213,221 for the property.

The property was originally acquired by Bristol when it was a city in an effort to prevent annexations by Kenosha, but now sits in the city of Kenosha. Any decision on the development of the land if it were to be sold would rest with Kenosha. Media reports have linked him to a possible Hard Rock Casino development.

More information on the sale of the land is available here.

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