Bumble and Over The Moon hosted a Dreamy West Village breakfast for their new collection

A fun thing about working at Bumble, according to Chief Brand Officer Selby Drummond: The Company regularly receives wedding invitations from all over the world. “The couples are grateful to have been brought together by the app,” she explains. And that got them thinking: While Bumble as an entity doesn’t exactly have the capacity to attend a reception, they might still be able to help people mark the milestone in some way. of another.

Step into Bumble’s new collaboration with the wedding e-commerce platform above the moonwhich will be launched on July 6th. From ring dishes to champagne flutes engraved with “Here’s to Making Moves”, the collection marries the dating app’s signature bee motif with the romantic sensibilities of Over the Moon – and makes the perfect gift for any future. -a married couple.

To kick off the line, Drummond and Over The Moon founder Alexandra Macon (who is also vogue editor) hosted a breakfast in the garden of the Waverly Inn. Guests were greeted by a flower wall of yellow roses, along with trays of creamy iced coffee and avocado toast. Waiting? Augusta Cole, who designed and executed the morning dreamy aesthetic, Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond, and designers Danielle Frankel and Patricia Voto. Bronson van Wyck and Fallon Carter, who along with Augusta Cole are on voguetop event planners from — also toured the room, with vogueis Allie Michler.

Yet the real guests of honor? The many engaged couples who met on Bumble and got to see the collection for the first time.

Below is a peek inside the buzzy – in more ways than one – West Village morning.

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