Commissioner Dan Ryan scraps South East Portland Safe Rest Village site because it is in a flood zone


The city backtracked on one of its first three “safe rest village” sites just five days after announcing it, saying authorities had not realized the site southeast of the 45th. Street and Harney Streets was in a flood zone.

News from KOIN first reported the reversal on Tuesday.

The concern had been raised by several Portland residents, possibly most notably Bob Sallinger of the Audubon Society of Portland, who in an email to city officials on Friday raised a number of questions about the site. , in particular its status as a flood zone.

Commissioner Dan Ryan, who oversees the site selection, sent WW a statement: “Now is the time to continue our careful review of the Safe Rest Village sites before finalizing the agreements, and I’m glad we identified this issue before committing additional time and resources. We’re going to pick ourselves up, learn from this setback, and continue to work hard for the housed and unhoused Portlanders. “

Development Services Bureau spokesperson Ken Ray said the site had not been subject to a floodplain review but “should have”.

The site is adjacent to Errol Heights Park, which is expected to undergo a $ 12 million restoration in the coming years.

The reversal of this site is perhaps emblematic of other challenges ahead for Ryan and his Safe Rest Villages team. Many of the plots on the original list of 70 potential sites were not found to be suitable for human life due to a number of factors, leaving Ryan’s office to search for other plots of land not listed. on the list.

At last week’s press conference announcing the sites, Ryan made a comment alluding to the imminent need for suitable locations: “Our office is open to any jurisdiction that can provide us with land for at least 3 years.

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