Defense Minister Sempijja welcomes UPDF for stabilization of Karamoja sub-region


The Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, the Honorable Vicent Ssempija Bamulangaki, congratulated the Ugandan People’s Defense Force for restoring peace and security in the Karamoja sub-region.

This was during the meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs in Mbuya, aimed at creating solutions for sustainable security and development in the Karamoja region.

Hon. Sempijja commended the UPDF for the role played in strengthening security, stability and socio-economic transformation of the Karamoja region.

“I salute the UPDF for recovering the weapons of the warriors and returning the stolen cattle to their rightful owners,” the minister added.

He said the launch of the disarmament operation code called “Usalama Kwa Wote” has helped the government recover many illegal weapons, which has improved security in the region.

Minister Ssempija also highlighted the need to transform the region into one of the booming economic regions in Uganda by improving people’s livelihoods through Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), disarmament, model of parish development (PDM) and other government programs.

He encouraged leaders to support the parish development model for the benefit of Ugandans and to work as a coordinated team to pacify the region.

The Minister of Karamoja Affairs, Ms Maria Goretti Kimono Kitutu, in her presentation, said that there is a need to strengthen regional integration and cooperation as a means of combating cross-border raids, conflicts and arms trafficking and facilitate cross-border trade.

She noted that there is a need to review and make effective the current service delivery mechanisms to ensure that they are timely and relevant, such as prioritizing the Karamoja region for infrastructure development programs in the sectors of health, education, construction, water and agriculture, among others.

Dr Kitutu also noted that Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) should be strengthened, adding that this will improve relationships with elders, religious leaders, youth and women’s organizations, peace committees and other stakeholders. concerned.

In her concluding remarks, she said that peace and development are two sides of the same coin and that there can be no peace without development and there can be no development without peace.

“It is our historic mission to transform Uganda from a subsistence economy into a modern, peaceful, industrial and transformed society by unleashing the vast potential of Karamoja to usher in a new era in its history as we move forward. towards Vision 2040. “

Defense Force Chief Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi said there was increased security in the region and this had led to peace and stability.

He called on other stakeholders to work with the UPDF effort to establish peace for socio-economic transformation in the region.

General Mbadi called for a change of mentality due to the cultural, traditional and geographical situation of the Karimajong. He also thanked the leaders of Operation Wealth Creation for the role played in transforming the Karamoja region and the country as a whole.

Karamoja Parliamentary Committee Chairman Remigio Achia thanked the Ugandan government and the Ugandan People’s Defense Force for the deployment to the region which has stabilized the region.

The meeting was attended by Minister of State for Defense for General Duties Jacob Marksons Oboth, Minister of State for Defense for Veterans Affairs, Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Rose Akello, Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Abel Akandwanaho alias Gen Salim Saleh, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs Ms. Rosette Byengoma, President of the National Planning Authority Ms. Pamera, Chief of UPDF Joint Staff Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda, Chief Political Commissioner Maj Gen Henry Matsiko, Members of Parliament from the Karamoja region, Operation Wealth Creation officials, senior UPDF officials among others.

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