Dermot Mulroney Scream 6 decks

Dermot Mulroney casting news broke on June 3, 2022, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Spyglass Media and Paramount Pictures. While it’s not explicitly stated who he’ll be playing, the premiere notes that his undisclosed role is most likely a currently unnamed police officer. Considering the “Scream 6” plot synopsis, which would have taken the story away from Woodsboro as four Ghostface survivors try to make a better life for themselves, perhaps he will be one of the new faces they will encounter when exiting or when they reach their final destination.

Regardless of how he ultimately sits in the overall story, Dermot Mulroney is an excellent choice to join the sixth “Scream” movie. After all, in his 35+ year acting career, he’s ventured into the world of horror on more than one occasion. His most notable forays into the genre include 2015’s “Insidious: Chapter 3” film effort, as well as small-screen projects “American Horror Story” and anthology show “Into the Dark” (via IMDb) . All in all, not a bad track record for someone looking to leave an impact on one of horror’s greatest properties.

Time will tell how well he’ll feature in ‘Scream 6’, but it stands to reason that the inclusion of Dermot Mulroney will make the movie better for him.

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