Federated Church of Avon Donates $25,000 to Avon Village Park Fund

AVON — Improvements to the park recently got a boost as the Federated Church of Avon donated $25,000 to the effort.

Stephanie McKinley-Miller, President of the Federated Church of Avon Council, and Carol Kreider, Congregation Group President, attended the Avon Village Council meeting on July 20 and presented a check for $25 $000 for the Avon Park Village Fund.

Before presenting the check, McKinley-Miller explained that in 1922 there was a Congregational Church and a Universalist Church. In 1927, the two ecclesiastical groups decided to federate and go together.

“When the two groups came together, they decided that the Federated Church should have what was the purpose of the Federated Church. One of the purposes was to encourage social matters which tend to the building up of home community and that is why we are here tonight to help rebuild the home community,” McKinley-Miller explained.

“The Congregational Church has a farm given to them by the Saunders family, so you have the Saunders family giving the Saunders library, the Saunders hospital, and we have a farm. The income from the farm cannot go to church for whatever. they want to use it…. We said that as a group of the congregation, that’s what the money is for, that’s for the park. Because it’s over $8,000, the Federated Church congregation had to vote. When the CD expired, the church board decided to add some from the Jerry Hatch Memorial Fund.”

She further explained that Hatch’s family was made up of generations of members and that the family decided that their memorial should be used for community building.

The Avon Village Council has been raising funds for the park for some years. Village chairman Zach Grace said he hopes the park will be completed by next summer.

“In the age of the iPad and the cellphone, outdoor exercise is more crucial than ever for developing balance, muscle strength and hand-eye coordination,” said Libby White, village administrator , to the Prairie Review. “We want to continue to foster active childhood by making play exciting for our community and giving parents and grandparents a place to foster activity with their families.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing available for children aged 2 to 12 to play in the village park.

“The Village of Avon would like to repair some of the WWII parts and purchase an American-made commercial play structure that costs $54,000, a swing set that costs $4,404, and a toddler structure that costs $10,999 We’ve already raised $45,000 ($5,000 Avon Business Men, $25,000 Avon Federated Church) We’ve secured an $80,000 line of credit to buy the equipment before prices go up. are going up again. The one item we wanted went up $10,000 in just one year. We decided to buy the equipment and fundraise during the year to lock in the prices,” White said.

With the purchases, the village will have a 10′ slide, an 8′ slide, a 6′ slide and a 4′ slide as well as swings for teenagers and toddlers.

To raise funds for the park, the village held a two-year farmers’ market, a fall festival, a silent auction and a brick sale.

“Our goal is $80,000 by the summer of 2023. We plan to start innovating this summer, preparing the ground and painting the current park equipment,” White said.

A renovated World War II structure in the park is pictured.  Above, the structure after its renovation.
Avon Village Council plans to purchase slides and swings for the Avon Village Park.
An example of the new park equipment for the village of Avon is shown.
An example of the new park equipment for the village of Avon is shown.
Avon Village currently has nothing available for children ages 2-12.  An example of the new park equipment for the village of Avon is shown.
A renovated World War II structure in the park is pictured.

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