Hold on to these masks! Some places in Santa Barbara still need it



SANTA BARBARA, Calif .– On June 15, California abandoned the tiered system that had been the guiding principle for reopening counties after previous COVID-19 restrictions.

According to California guidelines, those who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear their masks in most places. Santa Barbara County followed California guidelines for its mask mandates.

However, there are places in Santa Barbara and the United States that still require people to wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status.

Three notable places where masks are still required are hospitals, public transportation, and schools. Santa Barbara Airport tweeted a recall for travelers to pack their masks. The Federal Aviation Administration still requires masks at airports and on airplanes, regardless of vaccination.

In California and Santa Barbara County, businesses are allowed to continue to require their customers to wear a mask.

Residents eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine are still encouraged to do so. To make an appointment for the vaccination, visit MyTurn website.

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