Homes Under the Hammer buyers renovate ‘uninhabitable’ home in just 3 months for £25,000

Homes Under the Hammer presenter Dion Dublin was visiting a property in Skegby, a village and former civil parish, now in the unparish area of ​​Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. Surrounded by many amenities and transport links, the village is an ideal place to buy property at auction. Dion said: “I’m on a residential estate in Skegby. I’m here to see a semi-detached house that has two beds and went to auction with a guide price of just £45,000.

Dion said there was a reason the target price was so low and headed to the back of the house to investigate.

He added: ‘I’ve been to overgrown gardens in my day, but this one might actually go top of the chart.

“I don’t even see where the limits are. I don’t know how big it is and I don’t know how deep it is. There’s a lot of work to do here.

“Now this low guide price of £45,000, there is a reason for that. This house had a major water leak which made the house unsafe for us.

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Homes Under the Hammer revisited the property 13 months later to see the fully renovated home.

The entrance to the house now had a neutral color scheme with wooden floors and white walls.

The large living room consisted of a fireplace as well as the same parquet, which ran throughout the entire ground floor of the house.

Everything was new and with a tenant already moved in, it looked nice and warm. The kitchen was fitted with brand new appliances and had gray worktops as well as sleek white cupboards.

Rob explained: “When we first got the keys we were shocked because you couldn’t move around the property at all.

“There were no stairs in the property, they were down and it was full.” The owners had a new boiler as well as new electrical appliances and they had completely rewired the house.”

In the end, the business partners ended up spending £25,000, under the expected £35,000.

They let their schedule slip away, leaving the property to sit alone for nine months. However, once Rob and Saeed got stuck, they managed to completely renovate it in just three months.

The same real estate agent who visited the house before it was sold revisited to share how much he thinks it could sell for if they were to put it on the market at some point.

The appraiser said: ‘If I were to put this property on the sales market as it is today I would be looking at a £160,000 valuation.

This means the pair have managed to increase the value of the house by a whopping £65,500.

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