Kingsway Golf Center acquires Cambridge Lakes course

Melbourne-based Kingsway Golf Center has acquired the iconic Cambridge Lakes course on Trumpington Road for an undisclosed sum.

A young golfer at Cambridge Lakes

Cambridge Lakes, which opened in 1995, operates a 9-hole, par 3, 100% paying course on a 20-acre site. The Kingsway team wants it to continue to be a popular center for junior, amateur and beginner golfers.

The Kingsway team will increase the PGA’s professional expertise on site and will introduce junior golf academies and beginner groups as a priority, which have already been introduced to the Melbourne centre.

Family-owned Kingsway Golf Center in Melbourne has seen an investment of over £1million during the pandemic with the launch of Jurassic Links adventure golf, a driving range upgrade and the introduction of the famous brand of Jamaica Blue coffee in the renovated clubhouse.

James Watts, Managing Director of Kingsway Golf, at Cambridge Lakes Golf Course in Trumpington.  Photo: Keith Hepell
James Watts, Managing Director of Kingsway Golf, at Cambridge Lakes Golf Course in Trumpington. Photo: Keith Hepell

Kingsway Director Julian Dell said: “The Kingsway Golf Center in Melbourne has gone from strength to strength and we are delighted to welcome more families, groups and golfers than ever before.

“The investment in Cambridge Lakes is important to our key purpose as a business, [which is] to provide the best quality entertainment and leisure services in this region.

“Bob Barnes, who is stepping down to retire, has developed a wonderful and popular center and we are excited to continue that legacy in the future.”

The takeover of Cambridge Lakes is Kingsway’s latest investment in “quality, fun and healthy entertainment and sports for local families”.

Kingsway, Jurassic Links (56364365)
Kingsway, Jurassic Links (56364365)

The company is committed to bringing access to family-friendly services to their doorsteps, says Dell.

“Cambridge Lakes has been so successful because of the commitment to local people and aspiring golfers – there’s no way that will change under our ownership,” he said.

“Our intention for the coming weeks and months is to work closely with colleagues and existing customers to streamline certain processes and services to ensure the smoothest transition before even considering any changes.”

Cambridge Lakes has remained open throughout the takeover, and reservations remain open for upcoming holiday weekends and throughout the summer for individuals, groups and families wishing to visit.

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