Meet the Candidates: A Conversation with Front Royal City Council Candidate Josh Ingram

Meet the Candidates is a series on the Royal Examiner where we sit down with each candidate in our local election and discuss important issues. In this Meet the Candidates session, our editor Mike McCool interviews Delores R. Oates. Delores announced her candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 31, in the November 7, 2023 election.

Delores was born in Front Royal and proudly attended Warren County High School. Delores is active in the community, serving as a mentor to teenage mothers and volunteering at various churches, youth sports organizations and civic groups. Delores lives with her husband Rob in Warren County and raised her three children there.

Supporting Taxes and Reducing Democrat Inflation
Hardworking Virginians have been hit pretty hard by rising prices and the Democrats’ bloated government. Delores says she will work to lower taxes for Virginians and make sure your money works for you, because the cure for inflation is through responsible government spending.

Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights
Our 2nd Amendment rights ensured the survival of our country. Currently, Democrats across the country are using tragedy as an opportunity to criminalize law-abiding gun owners. As your delegate, Delores says she will defend our constitutional rights against liberal gun thieves.

Save our elections
Restoring the trust and integrity of our elections is paramount, as no citizen should wonder if their vote was correctly cast or counted for who or what they voted for. Delores says she will fight to audit future elections and use common sense voter ID protections.

Securing our borders
National security is border security, and we cannot continue to exist as a sovereign nation until our border is secure. Delores says she will oppose sanctuary city policies, end in-state tuition fees for illegal immigrants, and restore the rule of law.

protect life
Delores is proudly pro-life and in Richmond, she will tackle the infanticide lobby head-on by repealing legislation that legalized third-trimester abortions, and says she will vote to end Planned Parenthood and restore a culture of life in Virginia.

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