New Orleans woman who allegedly stabbed her toddlers lost custody of her oldest child in 2013 | Crime/Police

A decade before Jenee Pedesclaux allegedly stabbed her 4-year-old daughter to death and left her 2-year-old son in critical condition, an Orleans Parish Civil District Court judge removed her eldest child from custody because of his physical injuries and mental state.

In 2011, Troyling Trigs, Pedesclaux’s mother, filed a petition for custody of Pedesclaux’s then one-year-old child.

The father had not officially or unofficially acknowledged the child, according to court documents, and Trigs had cared for the child – his maternal grandchild – for three months.

“(Trigs) believes that the defendant is unable or unwilling to provide the child with a stable living environment,” says the custody application submitted by Trigs.

Trigs cited her daughter’s paralyzed right arm and shoulder, as well as her bipolar disorder, as limitations that “negatively affect the care she is willing and able to give the minor child,” according to the filings. by Trigs.

Judge Regina Barthelemy granted Trigs sole permanent custody of the child in 2013. Pedesclaux was only allowed supervised visitation pending a psychological evaluation.

“An award of custody to Pedesclaux would result in substantial harm to the minor child,” said Bartholomew in the court order.

Trigs declined to comment on the matter.

Trigs’ claims of Pedesclaux’s inability to provide a stable home presaged one made in April 2022 by Jermaine Roberts, the father of Paris Ann Roberts, 4, and Jayceon Roberts, 2.

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Paris (left) and Jay’Ceon Roberts appear in a photo provided by the family to WWL-TV.

Paris Roberts died on Sunday, after Pedesclaux allegedly stabbed the children and Facetimed footage of their bloodied bodies to Roberts, who broke into the house in the 3100 block of Law Street and took the boy and girl to hospital . At the start of this week, Jayceon was in stable but critical condition.

Four months before the stabbings, Roberts filed for custody.

“The mother does not allow me to see my children because I am in a relationship,” he wrote in the petition, filed in April. “It is not stable and does not provide a healthy environment for children.

“The mother drops the children off with other family members and tells them not to let me see the children. I can only see them if I go to her house. The mother takes…prescription drugs. She drinks and drives under the radiation.”

Pedesclaux had a court appearance scheduled for August 18 to substantiate the custody case.

A hearing for Pedesclaux, who faces a charge of second degree murder and a charge of attempted second degree murder, is scheduled for Thursday morning.

The children’s mother faces charges of murder and attempted murder.

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