Plans for Easton Community Center in Norwich approved

8:00 a.m. September 16, 2022

A stand-alone £1.9million emergency center to help police, firefighters and paramedics during their shifts has been given the green light.

Construction work is due to start at the Easton Community Center in Marlingford Road in October and could take between six months and a year to complete.

The ambitious plans were presented to South Norfolk Council by Easton Parish Council and approved on September 13.

Peter Milliken, Vice-Chairman of Easton Parish Council
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Peter Milliken, vice-chairman of the parish council, described the new building as “exciting”.

He added that it will be self-sufficient as the building will generate its own energy from 150 solar panels – as well as battery storage, air-source heat pumps and seven electric vehicle charging stations.

He said: “Hopefully we can give back to the network. The site will be available as an emergency center in times of crisis.

“It could happen if there is a power outage and people need hot food or flooding because the building may be off the grid for a few days.

“We are very strongly looking for a blue light service to be offered from the center. As soon as it is operational, it will be easily accessible to all emergency service workers and will be a place where they can take a shower, a hot drink, rest and recharge their vehicles 24/7.

“It’s about giving back and we want to make sure our valued public servants can have a break. It’s a way of saying thank you.”

What Easton's new community center might look like if it receives planning permission

What the new Easton Community Center will look like
– Credit: WT Design Ltd

The 540m² single storey center will be located on farmland and funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy from Persimmon Homes Anglia, which is building 890 homes in Dereham Road, Easton and grants from the District Council.

He will receive income by selling electricity to the grid and renting the space which will include an indoor gym, two offices, a kitchen and a bar.

Mr Milliken added that the hall was vital for the village which is growing by more than 150% due to additional houses and wider community cohesion.

It would be open Monday through Sunday.

Easton Village Hall, which may be replaced by a new, larger community center elsewhere in the village

The current Easton Village Hall in Marlingford Road
– Credit: Peter Milliken

The current town hall on Marlingford Road will be retained by the parish council and made available to businesses, individuals or groups.

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