Plans released for new Walden grocery store and village center

A new developer, Southeast Capital Partners, has submitted an application to the City of Walden to rezone the former Lines Orchid property for the establishment of Walden View, a mixed-use village center. The Walden View plan uses the anchor of a new grocery store to provide retail stores, restaurants with patios, offices with rooftops, and single-family residences. The plan optimizes outdoor gathering spaces for the public with a plaza courtyard and village green including a stage, pavilion and wading pool.

“We are thrilled to offer the city the opportunity to enable Walden View to launch its desired downtown with our curated vision for shopping, dining, entertainment and cottages,” said John Argo, of SE Capital Partners. “Once approved, Walden View becomes the ideal platform for the city to secure a quality grocer to serve the community and we are ready to make that happen.”

Mr. Argo and his teams of engineers, architects and other professionals who design Walden View are holding a community meeting Monday at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, 1716 Anderson Pike on Signal Mountain. More complete information on the proposed new grocery store in Walden will be available at the meeting.

“We have carefully studied Walden’s new land use plan to ensure that the design meets the wishes of the citizens of Walden,” said Colin Johnson, vice president of RaganSmith Engineers, who is working with the developer on the project. “The updated plan is the culmination of the first round of coordination efforts with Walden executives and implements a number of improvements based on their feedback.”

Improvements have improved sustainability by incorporating rain gardens, permeable pavement and electric vehicle charging stations. The project’s green profile includes sidewalks for walking and user connectivity, a trailhead for a future nature trail to Middle Creek, and setting aside most of the open space of 25 acres.

The updated plan more clearly illustrates the construction stages of the village center; with the Grocery Project demonstrating the first stage of the Walden View Village Center, the plan can explore the integration of other future Village Center components.

The new parking lot design features a linear park running the length of the lot, which connects the grocery store to the plaza courtyard while creating two more appropriately scaled parking areas.

The Walden View team is investigating all necessary infrastructure to mitigate the potential traffic impact and anticipates that a traffic light at the intersection of Taft and Timesville will be warranted for installation. The project will have its own internal rainwater collection and management systems, as well as underground wastewater treatment.

The design of the grocery store would respect the aesthetics of Walden’s mountain setting. Stores are placed to create an architectural edge facing the exterior streetscape using small-scale facades. Lighting in walkways and service areas will accommodate Walden’s Dark Skies initiative, allowing residents to see nighttime stars clearly.

The 29,365 square foot grocery store model is planned as a full service while being proportionately sized to match the density of the mountain market it would serve. It is a different brand than the one offered here before.

Officials said not only will this provide Walden residents with a grocery shopping alternative without leaving the mountain, but it will also provide the community with a wide selection of affordable merchandise while creating jobs, generating funds for schools and by increasing sales and other tax revenues. who pay for utilities.

The grocer targeted by the developer of Walden View is known for more than its unrivaled quality; they are also respected for being environmentally conscious, actively engaging with local schools and recognized as a champion of supporting the local community, officials said.

In addition to several hundred construction jobs, Walden View will create a mix of over 200 full-time and part-time jobs at a variety of salary ranges; among them, teens and young adults will have the opportunity to work for trusted brands close to home in a safe and clean place.

Walden View is expected to generate average annual revenue increases of $273,000 in Walden sales and property taxes and $355,000 annually in Hamilton County sales and property taxes. These business-based revenue gains for their local tax compact are generally intended to expand community infrastructure, meet other community-wide needs, and maintain existing services. Such “payfors” by companies allow local governments to forgo imposing additional tax burdens on residents, officials said.

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