Resident Evil Village Rose DLC Teases Much Higher Difficulty

Resident Evil Village‘s upcoming Shadows of Rose DLC will limit player resources to create a more challenging survival horror experience.

According to a prolific leaker, the next Resident Evil Village Downloadable content Shadows of Rose will be much harder than the base game. Capcom’s latest survival horror title is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard while taking players to an all-new setting and putting a renewed emphasis on combat. Now the next Resident Evil Village Downloadable content Shadows of Rose, revealed during the recent Capcom Showcase event, will bring players back to the titular city for an even more terrifying survival experience.

Resident Evil Village follows Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the previous game, as he ventures through a European village in search of his missing daughter Rosemary. Inspired by Resident Evil 4the game refocuses on combat by allowing players to acquire powerful firearms and purchase ammo from a vendor called the Duke. Resident Evil Village pits Ethan against all sorts of reimagined classic monsters, from werewolves to newts, as he fights to find Rose and return home. Set years after the base game, the new Resident Evil Village The downloadable content will focus on a now-adult Rose as she visits a parallel version of the village from the main game.


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According to the game developer, prolific leaker and Twitter user AestheticGamer (via Game Rant), the Resident evil village Downloadable content Shadows of Rose will be significantly more difficult than the main game. As the leaker reported, Capcom says the upcoming expansion will limit the amount of ammo and healing items Rose can find on the map. This will force players to make careful choices about where they use their resources, so avoiding enemies completely will likely be better in combat. This unique emphasis on the rarity of items in Shadows of Rose will likely be a direct contrast to Resident Evil Village’s emphasis on combat.

Next to the Shadows of Rose DLC expansion for Resident Evil VillageCapcom also announced other unique additions to the game. Shadows of Rose will arrive with a new third-person camera mode, which will be used in the expansion and will become optional in the base game. This will turn the first-person title into a third-person survival horror title, similar to recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3. The DLC will also add several new playable characters to the Mercenaries mode, including Chris Redfield and the beloved Lady Dimitrescu.

Shadows of Rose promises to continue the story of Resident Evil Village, but the upcoming expansion will also bring some notable gameplay changes. Rose will be controlled from a third-person perspective, and the limited resources would make survival very difficult for the young heroine. Release scheduled for October 28 Shadows of Rose will bring fans back to the world of tense survival horror.

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Resident Evil Village is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia.

Sources: AestheticGamer/TwitterGame Rant

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