Ridgecrest Village: What is Lifecare?

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At Ridgecrest Village, we offer different levels of care for people aged 62 and over. We have 24-hour independent living, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation, and nursing services, all located on one campus. When choosing to live in Ridgecrest as an independent resident, there are several financial options to consider. The first is to rent an apartment or chalet on a monthly basis, knowing that we have higher levels of care available if needed. We offer an 80% return on capital* (which works well with long-term care insurance). Another option to consider is our Lifecare plan. Choosing our Lifecare plan helps control your future health care costs by keeping the monthly rate stable and predictable.

If you choose our Lifecare contract, you will pay a one-time entry fee, based on the square footage of the apartment or chalet you choose, plus a monthly maintenance fee. This monthly fee covers a daily meal, twice monthly housekeeping, utilities, maintenance, security and activities. It also includes transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and local shops. If you need additional care, you have access to that care at a rate similar to what you paid when you were living independently. This helps protect you against the ever-increasing costs of open-market long-term care.

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When a couple chooses Lifecare and one of them needs a higher level of care, the Lifecare contract allows each person to live separately in the appropriate setting and still pay the same monthly rate as when she occupied the same accommodation. You are both located on the same campus within walking distance of each other. Additionally, a portion of Lifecare expenses may be tax deductible as prepaid medical expenses, please consult your tax preparer for details.

A Lifecare plan offers predictable costs and peace of mind knowing your future health care needs are being met (restrictions apply). For more information about Lifecare, living in Ridgecrest Village, or to schedule a visit, call (563) 391-3430 or (563) 388-3563.

*With a rental and 80% agreement, the highest levels of care are at or near market rates.

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