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Nicole Syracuse

Nicole Siracuse is a candidate for the post of administrator in the village of Fredonia.

“I am a longtime resident of Chautauqua County. I moved to the village of Fredonia in 2015 while working for Alstar EMS and Brooks Memorial Hospital ”, she said. “In 2018, I became a registered nurse and graduated from Daemen College with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2019. I worked as a staff nurse at the local hospital, VA Hospital in Buffalo, and am currently working home for a records review company. based in Nashvile, Tennessee.

“I, along with my husband Ben Siracuse, who is a lieutenant in the Fredonia Village Fire Department and a longtime resident of Fredonia, welcomed our baby Gabriella last fall. Fredonia is where we chose to live and raise a family. I have a great love for this village and I want to make it the best it can be. I firmly believe that western New York is on the move and that Fredonia can be a part of this great rise. We just need to harness its great potential and get this village back on track to become the best place to raise a family and retire with your grandchildren.

“To get there, we need a great group of administrators who are willing to look beyond their personal agendas and work together regardless of personal feelings, political party or who brought the good idea to. the table, and put this village and its inhabitants. first. Once elected administrator, I will be ready to render the decisions of the village board to the people and always ensure transparency.

“I will also focus on improving the infrastructure in our village, including the water system, sidewalks and roads. I believe we need to ensure reliable drinking water for both our residents and our businesses before we can start to stimulate our economic growth. Who wants to open a restaurant or a manufacturing institution when drinking water cannot be guaranteed, and has always been a big problem for that community?

“Who wants to bring their young children or grandchildren to live here when several times a year we have to conserve and boil water? It is an investment that must be made, and a solution must be found.

“I also put the emphasis on valuing and appreciating our village employees. These are the people we call for help in our worst times, and the people we rely on to keep our village safe and functioning every day. They deserve the utmost respect and gratitude from their board of directors, as well as a work environment that is comfortable, welcoming and conducive to doing their jobs in the best possible way.

“I will also be focusing on creating community activities, such as improvements and additions to our parks and playgrounds. We need to make this village a neighborhood where young families want to stay, with a lot to do.

“With today’s virtual world of working from home, jobs are in the living room and we may no longer need a big employer to attract people to live here. My dream, and what I would like to start working towards, is to explore the facilities of a community pool or paddling pool and dog park. Besides having live music and food, weekend drink vendors at Russell Joy Park. We can make it the first place to be a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon with the whole family. “

“The new appeal of a community becomes what there is to do on their days off, so let’s be progressive, look ahead and find new ideas with new faces on the village board. from Fredonia!

“I can’t wait to hear from you on your ideas on what you want to see on your board and what you want to see in our community! Please contact us and email about anything you would like to see in the village to [email protected] You can also find me on my Facebook page: Nicole Siracuse for Fredonia Trustee.

“I hope I can count on your vote on November 2, because a vote for me for the administrator of the village of Fredonia is a vote for the future of Fredonia!” “

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