Tension reigns as one person is killed in a row of properties in Karnataka village

Tension reigned in Gooundawada village, Belagavi district, Karnataka after disbelievers torched vehicles and haystacks following the alleged murder of a resident in a property dispute.

A fight broke out between two individuals over the parking lot on Saturday night. This escalated into a violent group clash. Satish Patil, 35, was stabbed and died on the way to hospital.

This angered a group who set fire to vehicles and haystacks. Municipal police rushed to the village and controlled the crowd. City police have arrested 20 people charged with murder and arson. One case was registered at Kakati police station. The investigation is ongoing.

A long ongoing fight over ownership of a temple is said to have originated the feud. One group objected to a member of another group who allegedly built a house on temple property in Gooundawada. This had caused some trouble earlier.

“The situation is now calm and under control,” said city police commissioner MB Boralingaiah. “Teams of the city’s civilian police and armed reserve police have been stationed in the village. For now, there is no information on the involvement of foreigners,” he said.

A team of officers including Deputy Commissioner Ravindra Gadadi, PV Sneha, Deputy Commissioners Narayan Baramani and Ganapati Gudaji, Circle Inspector Avinash Yaragoppa and others attended the scene. Some camp in the village.

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