‘The coldest village in France’ reports a frost-free month of October | France

For the first time in 140 years, the village of Mouthe – officially recognized as the coldest in France – recorded a frost-free month of October.

A temperate autumn is further proof of the reality of the climate crisis, say meteorologists.

Between 930 and 1450m above sea level in the Jura mountains, Mouthe earned its label as the coldest village in France after recording the lowest temperature in the country on January 13, 1968 when the thermometer dropped to -36.7 °C.

Local records, unverified by the French meteorological authority, suggest that in January 1985 the temperature fell even lower to -41C.

In the past, Mouthe has recorded up to 28 days of frost in October.

François Jobard, from the French weather forecast Meteo Francesaid a frost-free October in Mouthe and unusually warm temperatures recorded in the town of Besançon, 60 miles to the north, were further evidence of climate change.

He added that the weather in the region in the second half of October was warmer than the average for the last two weeks of August in the 1970s.

“Since the start of the measurements in December 1884 in Besançon. The second half of October 2022 seems to be a mistake, well above all that has been observed… In 2022, we have changed gear”, Jobard tweeted.

The weather in Mouthe, in the east of France about 5 km from the Franco-Swiss border, is dictated by its particular geographical location, installed in a hollow where the cold wind stagnates between two mountain ranges.

“The Siberian cold that regularly sets in here in winter is explained by the fact that the eastern region of France is marked by a continental climate that prevails over oceanic influences in the event of an anticyclone. In the evening, the Val de Mouthe, slightly steep and sparsely wooded, does not evacuate the cold. The particular micro-climate of the bog accentuates the drop in temperature,” said the City Spokesperson.

This summer was the second hottest in France after 2003; temperatures in September hit a record high of 40°C in some parts of the country. This month of October would have been globally the hottest since the beginning of the recordings.

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