Uganda: Museveni castigates Kakwenza, Bobi Wine and other Ugandans for celebrating the death of Gen Tumwine

President Museveni has branded a group of Ugandans who recently celebrated the death of former security minister General Elly Tumwine as shallow.

General Tumwine died in September in Nairobi from lung cancer but several people, especially on social media, lambasted him for living with a sense of entitlement for taking part in the NRA bush war in 1986 who brought the current government to power.

In a Wednesday afternoon missive, Museveni mentioned some of the commentators, including exiled critical writer Kakwenza Rukirabshaija and National Unity Platform chairman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, also known as Bobi Wine. who he says did the wrong thing to “celebrate” General Tumwine’s death.

“Therefore, celebrating that Tumwiine died at 68, having accomplished all of this, shows that you are, to say the least, superficial because Tumwiine did not fear death because that is why he went to fight with arms, to seek possible death, when he was in his twenties, because of patriotism and Pan-Africanism,” Museveni said.

Here is Museveni’s missive in its entirety;

Ugandans, especially Bazukulu.

Today, October 5, I had the opportunity to look at the tweets that were sent by malicious and confused people when General Tumwiine died. My staff told me about these tweets, but I hadn’t had time to read them.

Kakwenza “moans” (meaning wept) in pleasure;

Bobi Wine – went biblical, quoting “from dust to dust” and urging everyone to be “humble” – meaning Tumwiine was not humble;

Masereka Jodrah, Ineza Tusiime, Kwemboi, Magezi Damic, Atutta, Ogwal Joseph, Nabukalu Rachel, Rea Gan, Mugambe, Olanya, Allan Allan and others celebrated, in different ways, the death of Gen Tumwiine and also said that celebrating this death would cause no division, etc. ; and others saying that we have long been torn between ‘haves and have-nots’.

This type of thinking is wrong for the following reasons:

We will all die eventually. So it can’t be a matter of celebration whether or not you like the person in question. People who do this are wrong.

The only relevant questions are therefore:

What contribution have you made in life and what achievements have you achieved in life?

On both questions, Tumwiine passes with flying colors for the following reasons:

He came from a semi-traditional family (Christian but not Balokole educated) and became a university-educated high school teacher in 1977.

Joined the anti-Amin liberation struggle in 1979 and has been in the Resistance ever since, rising to the rank of general, deputy, minister, etc.

I am told that he settled his brothers in the Burunga farm where his parents were when I taught there in 1967 and bought his own farm in the Rwemikooma region and left behind thousands of cattle, a fine family home, etc

God gave him a wife, they have grown children who are all college graduates.

Tumwiine has helped many children of NRM veterans, including Mariam Seguya, DRC from Kiboga.

Tumwiine was active in the church, was a composer of music and a painter of pictures.

He was a member of the smart partnership movement started by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Therefore, celebrating that Tumwiine died at 68, having accomplished all of this, shows that you are, at least, superficial because Tumwiine did not fear death because that is why he went to fight with arms, to seek a possible death, when he was in his twenties, because of patriotism and Pan-Africanism. Also, Tumwiine because he lived longer than some of the other fighters, he took care of the children of some of the fallen comrades. Tumwiine was an early student in education, a freedom fighter, an artist, a philanthropist and a creator of wealth (big farmer). If some people don’t like these people, they may be either misinformed (ignorant) or parasitic (want opulence without working). These people should be guided or condemned if they persist in their negativity. The roads everyone drives on, the schools, the power plants that generate electricity for nightclub goers to have transnights and tweet the next day, etc., are the sweat of wealth creators like Tumwiine , not to mention peace the tweeters use to express their nastiness. Go tweet Mogadishu, if you think peace is not important.

To twittos who speak of belonging to the “have-nots” who are angry with the “haves”, it should be remembered that as early as 1996, the NRM government created the Entadikwa Fund based in the sub-county whose leaders are elected by universal suffrage by the voters . Since that time, the NRM has always sent money to precisely the poor: NAADS; Youth Fund; Women’s Fund; OWC; Emyooga; and, currently, the PDM. Minister of State Kasolo and Ritah Namuwenge of Emyooga can share with you the successes of some of the people who have responded to these efforts.

Since some people are complaining that the local elite “begabira bokka”, due to sending support through LCs, CAOs or OWC soldiers, we are now sending money directly to saccos of wealth creators (e.g. farmers) at the parish level, eliminating government officials. Therefore, NRM’s advice to the poor has always been; use these subsidies (OWC) or soft money (PDM, Women Fund, Youth Fund, Emyooga, Entandikwa, send a cow) to get out of the poor and join the “haves”.

To find out if Tumwiine had any real mourners, check out Rwemikooma’s photos if you have glasses to see. Therefore, malicious actors should be made aware that General Tumwiine was successful in all important respects, despite spending seven years away from home in the resistance.

His commentary on shooting rioters is not his composition. He was informing the public about the Riot Act, in Uganda the Penal Code Act, which is used in many countries. It says, in part, the following:

Dispersion of the rioters.

If, at the expiration of a reasonable time after the proclamation has been made, or after the proclamation has been forcibly prevented, twelve or more persons continue to assemble in delirium, any person authorized to make the proclamation , or any police officer or other person acting in aid of that person or the police officer, may do whatever is necessary to disperse the persons so assembled or to apprehend them or any of them, and if any person resists, may use any force reasonably necessary to overcome such resistance and shall not be liable in any criminal or civil proceeding for having, by the use of such force, caused injury or death to a person.


YK Museveni (General Rtd.)


October 05, 2022

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