Ultra-fast full fiber broadband is coming to Askern

As part of their latest construction plans, FullFibre’s Fiber Heroes will upgrade the underserved town of Askern with superfast internet.

The wholesale network provider has also partnered with local and national Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide a range of choices for local residents.

With the growing reliance on super high quality internet, the need to replace existing copper networks is in high demand. This is further evidenced by the fact that the copper networks will be decommissioned in 2025.

Good news for the people of Askern

Fiber Heroes is not only on a mission to bring underserved areas to the forefront of digital technology, but also to strengthen ties with local communities across the country by helping to fund local projects and sponsor sports events and teams.

The South Yorkshire civil parish is home to around 6,000 people and has historically been overlooked as the town has been branded ‘commercially unviable’ by incumbent builders.

All-fiber broadband offers speeds 20 times faster than the national average. With this latest rollout, every Askern property will see a dramatic difference in how they access the internet.

Fiber Heroes CEO Oliver Helm said: “Coming to Askern is truly a privilege for us. We understand the stress of internet issues. We’re here to help banish that stress and replace it with fun.

The internet is a magnificent resource that has shaped the way we live our lives. Everyone has the right to the best internet connection possible and we look forward to serving that right to the people of Askern.

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