Who plays Argyle in ‘Stranger Things 4’? Have you ever seen Eduardo Franco?

All seasons, stranger things adds a few new members to the gang. Season 2 added Max and Murray; Season 3 brought in Robin and Erica. Season 4 introduces several new faces across the board, but the two most notable are Eddie and Argyle. The latter fulfills a stereotype hitherto absent from high school on stranger things: the joint smoker. But who plays Argyle in stranger things 4and why does he look so familiar?

Warning: Spoilers for stranger things 4 to follow. Argyle — played by Eduardo Franco — is part of the new California division of the stranger things cast. The Byers family (plus Eleven) left Hawkins for good at the end of Season 3. But they didn’t head to neighboring Illinois, possibly because of the Duffer Brothers’ fear of repeating the mistake. from Chicago in season 2. Instead, Dr. Owens helped them move to a small town in California.

Eleven and Will don’t fit here, but Jonathan was ready for the laid-back hippie vibe of the state. He quickly fell into the stoner crowd and befriended Argyle, who drives the pizza delivery van. The two have become the Cheech and Chong of the crew, especially once they’re on the road looking for Eleven.


Argyle feels like a familiar character because there’s one in nearly every high school series: the stoner relief comic dude. But Franco brings an extra familiarity to the stereotype because he’s played it before. He co-starred with Vince Vaughn in the Hulu stoner comedy The frenzy ; he was also part of the Netflix comedy set American Vandal.

Franco first stood out in the Gamer’s guide to just about everything, in which he appeared on and off for three seasons as Stu. But audiences probably remember him best from the Independent Spirit Award winner Libraryin which he appeared as Theo, the one who fell in love with teacher Miss Fine, and was held back for a few years, so he’s really too old to be in high school.

Unlike some of the high schoolers featured this season of stranger things, Argyle has so far survived by hitching his pizza van to the former residents of Hawkins. (That’s no small feat considering the shooting at the Byers’ new home.) Whether or not he’ll be part of the gang by Season 5 depends on his fate once the group finally returns. at Hawkins.

stranger things Seasons 3 and Season 4, Vol. 1 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4, Vol. 2, arrives July 1, 2022.

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