Loans without demonstrable income

Loans without demonstrable income are loans that can be requested and granted without having to prove that you have – precisely – a documentable income. Unfortunately, it is a situation that more and more people live in Italy: you do not have a demonstrable income but you need financing. The crisis has brought many businesses

Restructuring, renegotiation, repurchase of mortgage loan: what differences?

Because the world of credit is sometimes opaque, financial company explains the differences between certain transactions. Credit repurchase, loan consolidation, renegotiation… If the names are similar, the operations differ. Restructuring, repurchase of mortgage, grouping of loans: how does it work? Did you think that the repurchase of credit only concerned real estate or was the

Home loan – insurance rules

Undoubtedly, credit insurance is a specific service. Insurance is obligatory for some types of loans, while insurance is not required for others. In many cases, credit insurance is only a security for the lender, i.e. for the bank. In the case of a home loan, insurance can be beneficial for the borrower, of course, in

Foreign Currency Loans – Judgment Delayed in Good Finance Lawsuit

The ruling was postponed until October 29 in the Santander Consumer Finance Finance Corporation’s lawsuit on Wednesday at the Court of Appeal in Budapest. In its judgment of 17 September, the Metropolitan Court dismissed the plaintiff’s action against Santander Consumer Finance in a lawsuit against the Hungarian state. The applicant applied to the financial institution

Loans and credit – difference

Help me by rating and commenting on the series! ! The difference between loans and credit results exclusively from the term and the respective sum. In practice, the terms loan and credit are not really separate. The term “loan” is used in the law, while the term “loan” is used colloquially. Loans, especially bank loans,

Joint Credit after Separation

The good times are over, the divorce is on – a joint loan, too. But who of the partners serves him after the separation? The answer is simple, but the devil is in the details. Joint credit after separation One thing is clear: A joint loan is payable after the divorce as well as before. The